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About Us

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Migrationagentreview.com in a non-profit project that is designed to assist persons who wish to review migration agent performances by the people who have already used them. Migrationagentreviews.com is not associated, supported or financed by any migration agent or services what so ever.

This project came about after a number of discussions and research online about good and bad migration agents. A detailed analysis of key words on internet search engines had shown that there is a significant interest and an on-going requirement from the general public to read and publish reviews on migration agent performances. www.migrationagentreviews.com has been created specifically for this purpose.

Migrationagentreviews.com is now the only website where the general public can leave a scorecard and a personal review of a migration agents performance.

So what about us? We are a collection of individuals that have used migration agents to obtain migration visas, some have had good service and others who have not, hence the idea of the website.

As a gesture of good will and good karma we decided to produce a review style website to assist others in choosing a migration agent so that they can make more of an educated choice of which agent would be suitable for their needs.

Note that all reviews are audited prior to publication via automated and manual checks.

We hope you find this website useful, please leave a review if you have used a migration agent, or ask us to add another agent if they are not listed. It will help others trying to find professional agent for their personal circumstances and hopefully reduce the number of bad agents.

If you have any other comments or suggestions about the website, please let us know.

Good luck to you all


Migration Agent Reviews team