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Reviews written by Abdullah Tayeb

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Australia Agent Reviews

Thanks for Helping us to Find a better life in Australia.

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Reviewed by Abdullah Tayeb
September 09, 2014

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I want to thank Sam Hammadieh for saving me and my family from the certain death we would have faced if he stayed in Syria. I applied for the refugee visa and nothing happened for a whole year. Then I got a rejection and it was the worst time of my life. I was referred to Sam as he help my friend get a visa to Sydney and he was so wonderful and helpful.

Yes he charged me a fee but we have a saying in Syria and it translates in English as give the baker your dough to make bread even if he eats half of it. There were no surprises with Sam, all the fees were told to me before and he didnt ask for anything more after. He even help me to get a loan for booking flights to Australia.

I am so happy and we love it in Australia. The people here are so kind and the government supports us with everything from giving us a house, to money to study, not like our government back home who just want to kill us. My daughters sleep the whole night without waking up in terror.

Thank you very much!!!!
From Abdulla and Family

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