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    allmigration Reviews

    From its humble beginnings in 2003 as an area of practice in a boutique law firm on the Gold Coast, Visa & Immigration Services Australia (V.I.S.A) has grown and expanded each year and is now an Internationally respected Immigration firm. With its headquarters still proudly on the Gold Coast, V.I.S.A now has branch offices in the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and over 20 qualified consultants in 14 countries worldwide.  We specialise in Skilled, Work and Business visas to Australia and New Zealand.

    We offer a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee. We will beat any competitors written quote by 10%.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     8 reviews
     by beulah akkem

    If you are looking for a trust worthy agent who will not waste your time and money.. just go for Sam..

    His professionalism is excellent...

    You can see the value for your hard owned money

    you can receive any required feedback within 3 working days.. at times even on a holiday..

    Sam is available any time.. you can contact him from anywhere around the globe... no hide and seeks... amidst so many other fraudulent agents.... from my experience.. you can trust Sam's expertise..... He is upfront... he does not like to waste his time.. nor yours...!!

    Go for him.. you will not regret..!!!

     by Danny Singh

    I just got the good news today! Sam is the most hardworking, honest and Diligent professional I have come across in the migration industry. Had I known about him earlier I would have also had him do my long term business visa. My first agent I spoke with maybe twice, when I wanted to appoint her and when my visa was granted, all the rest of the time I was dealing with her underlings, some of which had no clue what was going on. With Visa and Immigration Services Sam not only was my first point of call, he was the only person I spoke with in his office. This gave me a heap of confidence as I know my matter was being handled by a professional and not just someone he delegated it to in his office. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for setting up a business in New Zealand, actually for anything, as he is not only pro, but he is a great guy to deal with and is always happy to give you his personal mobile phone number.

    Lots of Love,


     by Mohamad Katoua

    Two visas were granted and the third, for sure, will be; Visit Visa and Work Temporary Visa.

    Sam is the agent who knows how things should go. He tells you how the process will go, and it really goes right. Just make sure you provide him with the documents he asks for, and then wait for your visa to be issued and labelled on your passport.

    Not only that! After you arrive in Australia, he is always available for legal advice where he makes things easier for you.

    Visa and Immigration Services: the best job done in the shortest time.

    Best regards and go forward

     by Abdullah Tayeb

    I want to thank Sam Hammadieh for saving me and my family from the certain death we would have faced if he stayed in Syria. I applied for the refugee visa and nothing happened for a whole year. Then I got a rejection and it was the worst time of my life. I was referred to Sam as he help my friend get a visa to Sydney and he was so wonderful and helpful.

    Yes he charged me a fee but we have a saying in Syria and it translates in English as give the baker your dough to make bread even if he eats half of it. There were no surprises with Sam, all the fees were told to me before and he didnt ask for anything more after. He even help me to get a loan for booking flights to Australia.

    I am so happy and we love it in Australia. The people here are so kind and the government supports us with everything from giving us a house, to money to study, not like our government back home who just want to kill us. My daughters sleep the whole night without waking up in terror.

    Thank you very much!!!!

    From Abdulla and Family

     by Mona Maqsood

    I applied so many times for Australia. First as a visitor through a agent in Beyrouth. That was rejected. Then I applied as a student through a lawyer in Amman. Again I got a rejection and he kept all my money. Last year I seen an advertisment for a lady who was helping to apply for refugees. I am Christian and we have so much problems in Syria so I paid her good money to do my application. This was rejected in 4 months. She ran away and now is doing the same thing in Beyrouth.

    When I met Sam it was on facebook. He told me all the options I had and I decided to apply for the skilled visa. He said I would get the assessment and I did. He said I would get the state sponsorship and I did. He said I would get the visa and today I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am booking my tickerts and I cannot wait to go to Austrlia. I have a box of Arabic sweets just for Sam.

    This is my dream come true. Thank you God! Thank you DIAC! and Thank you Sam!


     by Mariam Banwa

    I found Sam to be very knowledgeable, experienced and easy to deal with. Very encouraging all through the process and this is what we needed when going through the stress of the entire application. I thank Sam for his professionalism and efficiency. He has been prompt in replying to emails and queries which is very much appreciated.

    Sam has an excellent knowledge of the process and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking immigration.

    I wish to thank him and his staff for their outstanding efforts during the entire visa process.

    You have given a family a new opportunity.

    We surely got the best we could ever ask for!

     by Christian Camilo Roberto Roa

    My name is Crhistian Camilo, I am from Colombia and I am here in Australia doing my English studies.

    When I was doing my applications with Hiam Halabi who is my Education Agent, she told me that my visa was expired. Thanks to her who told me about the professionalism of Sam who helped me and gave me the best assistance to fix my mistake. Sam thank you for helping me to get my temporary visa, because i was without visa, and thank you for helping me to get my new student visa.

    Thanks for all of that i have the opportunity to stay here to finish my studies and enjoy this country.

    I can recommend to everybody to come to this company because is very professional team and they can help you with all that you need. Sam you are very professional lawyer and thank for your support.

    Thank you Visa and Migration team.


     by Shane Alcorn

    I am a Aussie who has used Sam's services a couple of times now!

    He has always been honest and friendly with a senese of wanting to help and give good advise on how to approach various visa applications. I feel a genuine desire to get the best result, and at the same time not being gready about getting the result wanted.

    A heartfelt thank you from myself and my future wife!