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    Emigration Group

    Emigration Group

    Alert: Emigration Group are not assisting with Australia Visas at this time. If and when this changes Migration Agent Reviews will update this page.

    The Emigration Group was established in 1992 with the sole aim of helping people achieve a new life overseas. We are a UK company, dealing primarily with British and other English speaking migrants wishing to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand. All the work involved with preparing your residence application is done in the UK, making for easy communication with clients. Together with our in house specialists in migrant employment search, The Emigration Group an effective and total emigration service.

    Emigration Group has a thorough understanding of the complexities of immigration policy and the practical realities of the migration process. Since 1992 around 25,000 thousand people wishing to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand have benefited from our comprehensive written assessment service which accurately determines their residence eligibility.

    Emigration Group currently provide this service to over 3,500 potential migrants each year, from which around 1,500 migrants formally retain our professional services to help prepare their residence applications.

    A high proportion of new clients are referred to us by existing clients. This is because, at all times, we place great emphasis on personal service. As one client put it “…you made us feel special throughout…”. The Emigration Group have almost a 100%* success rate, a figure of which we are justifiably proud.

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    Our research team verified that the name, location, contact information and license to operate for The Emigration Group are valid and up-to-date. MigrationAgentReviews.com has verified the information on this page to be accurate. Emigration Group are not assisting with Australia Visas at this time.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     8 reviews
     by Caroline and Christopher

    My partner and I decided to look into emigrating to Australia in January 2015. Chris rang me one lunchtime and said he had seen a flyer for a seminar in which the company would give talks about the visa process. I went along and gathered information and met Mike himself. Straight away I felt that personal service and felt that he cared about helping us make our dream come true. I decided there and then that I would sign up and get the ball rolling. Throughout the entire process, Mike and Harriet were with us every step of the way, always on hand to answer queries and to give us the heads up on the latest happenings. The rules are constantly changing in Australia but Harriet was always sure to keep us updated. The service was outstanding and I cannot recommend the company enough. If you are wanting to take the plunge and follow your dreams of emigrating, choose The Emigration Group. They just cannot do enough for you. Even after the visa is granted, they are there to help. Thank you all for helping us to get to where we are. We cannot thank you enough.

     by Elena M

    I'd had a few failed attempts at applying for a visa before signing a contract with the Emigration Group. From the first day onwards Harriet, my agent, was brilliant, professional and prompt with everything. She actually chased me up on things, not the other way round, she didn't allow me get sluggish and lose my chance of getting a visa. On a few occasions, admittedly, I got disheartened and almost gave up, but Harriet was very supportive, always there for me and I simply went with the flow. As a result, a year later I was granted a 489 subclass visa for South Australia! My case was not the strongest and I was delighted at the result. It was Harriet's good judgement and experience that took me down the right path this time. I am very grateful, I wouldn't have done it on my own. I would definitely recommend The Emigration Group, I cannot advise on how competitive their charges are as in the UK I only used them. But it was worth every penny for me.

     by Kimberley Reeve

    We were extremely pleased with the Emigration group and the speed at which they carried everything out. They were meticulous in their preparation and made sure that everything was ready and dealt with.

    We got our PR visa after only 3 months which was very quick and they made sure that everything was in place so that it all went smoothly.

    Harriet was brilliant and replied to the silliest and daftest of my questions very quickly and explained everything in detail.

    Even after we got the visa they are available and have answered my queries about tax and teaching registration.

    All we need to do now is book a flight!!!!

    Exciting times!

     by Rachel Stimson

    I decided to use an emigration agency to help guide me through the process and I am very pleased I did. I had done a lot of research but I learnt much more and know if I had applied for my visa myself it would have taken much longer and probably costed more due to the mistakes I would have made at various steps along the way, for example, I assumed I just got the points from having been educated in England rather than needing to sit a test; or for my skilled visa Harriet knew the very specific requirements which at the time meant some leg work to find details of my uni course from 20 years ago but if I had sent the skills assessment myself without the information it would have failed.

    Harriet guided me through the process and once I had located all the paperwork required the rest of the process went smoothly.

    Harriet also answered my queries which became more apparent the closer to departure date e.g. one way insurance providers; companies to ship boxes etc

    I am now in Australia and about to start work- exciting times

     by Anthony Ellis

    We went to an emigration seminar held by TEG over 12 months ago and made the decision to apply for PR based on the excellent info and contacts provided.

    It took about 9 months to get our PR through and throughout the process our personal migration agent, Harriet, was always very informative, prompt with answers, and ready to help with all the awkward bits of paper work.

    Couldn't fault her or the company.

    Australia, here we come!

     by Jordan and Stacey Bailey

    My partner and I attended an emigration seminar where we met Oliver, he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly which instantly sold us on using the Emigration group to apply for our PR visa. After sorting out the relevant information and basic details we were handed over to the lovely Harriet, whom we could not recommend enough! Harriet did everything she could to help us and give us peace at mind whilst we were gathering all the evidence required. No question was ever too silly and she or any other member of the lovely team were always a phone call or email away.

    We submitted our visa in June 2015 and we were granted our 189 in September. This is completely due to Harriet's efficiency and knowledge.

    We definitely made the right choice using the Emigration Group and if we were to go back and do it all over again we would change nothing!

    If you are looking for quick, professional yet friendly service, great value for money and information from Visa's to other services then the Emigration Group is perfect.

    We cannot thank you all enough for assisting us with our new adventure!!

     by Sarah & Jesse

    My partner and I had always dreamed of living in Australia but never thought it possible. We attended a seminar conducted by The Emigration Group 2 years ago to find out more. The seminar was extremely helpful with lots of information and a lot to take on board about starting a new life down over. It all seemed very overwhelming but we decided to go for it and started our visa application with the help of Mike and Harriet. From day one they were extremely helpful, answered all of our questions, made the whole process as stress free as possible and we could not have asked for a better service or support. From start to finish everything we needed to do which seemed like a lot was made simple, easy and stress free by Harriet. We now have our 190 Visa to live and work in South Australia which is a dream come true. We can not thank them enough for helping us and we feel so lucky. I can not recommend The Emigration Group enough and urge any worried about the process to contact them and use this great service, thank you!!!

     by George

    My children already live in New Zealand and my wife and I decided to make an application to join them under the “Parent” category.
    We used the same agency as my children had already used some ten years earlier, and we were not disappointed.
    Sally and Mike at The Emigration Group” were most helpful, and we did battle along the way with changes in immigration policy, vastly fluctuating exchange rates, and changing family circumstances here in the UK. Nothing was too much trouble and they were always just a telephone call away.

    Our thanks go to Sally for her help and support, and also to Mike for his guiding hand.

    The Bell Family