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    Migration Angels

    Migration Angels Reviews

    Migration Angels is an Australian immigration advisory services provider. We are Australian migration agents registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). We have been providing immigration advice and assistance to hundreds of happy clients since we formed in July 2008.

    We’re unique because:

    * we’re flexible – we can give our clients a tailored/customised service suited to individual needs;

    * we’re creative – we find solutions to complex cases;

    * we’re 100% client focused – we value and treat every client as if they were our only client; and

    * we’re available when our clients need us – we do not operate under conventional 9 to 5, Monday to Friday hours.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     20 reviews
     by Christian Nielsen

    I contacted Migration Angels after I had looked at many other migration agents. I made the best choice in doing this as their professionalism is second to none.

    Kristy was so fantastic and made the process seem very easy. I had many questions to ask her during the visa process and the answers would come back very quickly. I recommend Migration Angels to anyone who is looking for help with their visa and is excellent value for money.

     by Sarah Harvey

    Kristy was absolutely amazing from the first day we met here. My fiancé has migrated here from England and our first meeting with another migration officer from a different company made us feel as if we were never going to achieve our dreams. This was all changed after we meet Kristy, she was there for every step of the way, made herself available for all questions we had. We could not of gone through this stressful process without Kristy. I would recommend migration angels to anyone that is thinking of migrating. Kristy got our visa approved in less than 12 months which is fantastic. Kristy really is an angel, she has managed to allow my fiancé and I to start our life in Australia together. When we applied for the partnership visa I was 18 and Kristy did not judge us just because I was considered young to other migration officers. We will be forever in debt to Kristy. Thank you so much. We could not be happier!

     by Kylie Porter

    My husband and I are incredibly thankful of Kristy and the team at Migration Angels. Kristy was helpful from the onset, ensuring that we had the right visa and advising us of our options, including the interim visa options while we were waiting for the provisional partner visa to be processed. Her advice and support around our application for a visitor visa to travel to Australia during processing of the offshore application was timely and her knowledge of Australian immigration law was very beneficial to the overall application. We found Kristy's instructions to be very clear, her advice helpful and the services were always professional. We would highly recommend Migration Angels.

     by Lennert De Feyter

    I would highly recommend Kristy as a migration agent. She guided us through the billions of documents, efficiently and calm. We couldn't have done it without her.

    She also regularly offered advice and replied to our questions as soon as was possible.

     by E JACKSON

    Kristy is fantastic, very knowledgable and professional. She has taken all the worry and stress out of the visa process for my family and I. I genuinely don't think we could of done it without her support and guidance. In my opinion extremely good value for all the time she puts into the process and how easy it is then for us. Would recommend 110%! There is a lot of cowboys out there charging the earth and giving out incorrect information, Migration Agents are definitely not this! Fantastic work thank you Kristy and your team 🙂

    The Jacksons

     by Mie Mie Htun

    PR Visa Granted!! Woo hoo 🙂

    We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Kristy and Rob for their excellent work.

    We truly appreciate all the time and patient you took in helping us about the visa.

    You provided fully support to made it easy and simple to apply for our visa.We couldn’t have done it without you.

    We are really happy to recommend Migration Angels to our friends and family and anyone else looking for an immigration representative.

    Thank you very much!

    Kind Regards,

    Steven and Mie Mie

     by Felix Nilam

    We have worked with Kristy to get the partner visa strating from the prospective marriage visa.

    Throughout the 3 year proceas, Kristy had been very helpful. The instructions she sent were always clear and easy to follow. I definitely recommend Migration Angels.

     by cheryl sime

    Migration angels are a excellent company, when i first applied for my visa i phoned a few company's but I found migration angels to be very polite, efficient and offer lots of advice they were by far the best company. I found they were very one to one. I would recommend anyone applying for a visa to choose this company. They always there if you have any questions or need advice, you get regular updates and is excellent value for money.

     by Elaine Lee

    When I contacted Migration Angels all I knew was that I wanted a visa but not which one and how to get it. From the start I realised that, compared to all the other agents I had contacted, they were very professional and I thought their fee was too good to be true at approximately half the price of the quotes I had already had.

    My agent was called Kristy and she is very professional and efficient when answering queries either by e-mail or telephone. I was taken through each process one step at a time which made it easy to get all the information together in the order that it was required. Knowing Kristy was there to check over my paperwork and answer any questions, took a lot of stress and worry out of the process.

    I would recommend that anyone wanting to go through the process of obtaining a visa for Australia should certainly consider using an agent, as the process is not as straight forward as some people would like to think, and that Migration Angels will provide an absolutely Outstanding Service Throughout.

     by Sarah Fardell


    Just writing to recommend Migration Angels and Kristy. She is absoloutely excellent and got us the visa in 6 months. She took care of everything so that we could go travelling and live stress free. We constantly called her with questions and asking how long it would take and she was patient with us and talked us through the steps. We wouldn't have gotten this visa without her because it's such a complicated process. Thank you migration angels and thank you Kristy! You are awesome.

     by Simon

    The service was very professional and communication was efficient and in clear and understandable language.

    It really took the headache out of a complex and stressful process.

    Would highly recommend Kristy and Migration Angels

     by avril

    I Highly recommend Kristy to everyone. Shes so Profesional, nice, she reply fast and accomodate all of your questions. Shes was so accurate, fast and reliable when she gave us info. Would like to thank you Kristy for helping us to process our application with less hassle when it comes to paper works etc. Definitely Superb and Brilliant Service! I trust Migrationangel again thank you so much Kristy

     by Bhavs

    Migration Angels live true to their name.........They were so polite, professional and always willing to help. Kristy Duncan made the whole skilled migration process completely stress-free. Everything went so smoothly thanks to Kristy's help and support. Our permanent residency visa came through in under 4 months!!

    Applying for visa's can be a very stressful process. I would advise everyone considering immigrating abroad to have things done via an agent, choosing Migration Angels would be an excellent choice.

    Thank you so much Kristy, in making our move to Australia a dream come true!

     by Frank

    We are so happy to hear that our PR skilled visas have been granted. Thank you Kristy, Robert and Rob at Migration Angels for your guidance over the past 14 months. We appreciated your personal friendly service and your expert guidance along the way. We are happy to recommend Migration Angels to our friends and family and anyone else looking for an immigration representative.

     by Brett Archman

    Kristy and her team guided us through a successful visa application process, and due to her professional and thorough approach this was a relatively stress-free exercise.

    Questions we had were answered promptly and thoroughly, and Kristy provided reassurance whenever needed.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Migration Angels.

     by Dr Dalsania

    Kristy from Migration Angels definitely lives up to the company name!

    The service she has provided has always been excellent and very professional. No matter what query I would have, she would always reply back promptly with clear confident instructions and always be patient and helpful. She would even go out of her way and remit to provide additional helpful info creating an exceptional all round experience. She is incredibly honest, sincere, reliable and hard working- even replying back when she was meant to be on holiday! I honestly feel this level of personal service would be hard to improve on and beat. I would highly recommend Migration Angels to anyone. Thank you so much Kristy.

     by Selva Freigedo

    Migration Angels made the daunting process of applying for a visa easy and stress free. It has been a pleasure to work with Kristy, she is very friendly, efficient and professional. Kristy replied promptly to all our questions and concerns, saving us valuable time in the process. Her advice was very detailed and informative and she always gave us concise and easy to follow instructions. I would highly recommend Migration Angels, their service and support are priceless.

     by michael

    We were thrilled to hear the news that our provisional partner visa has been granted and a lot earlier than expected! We wish to thank Kristy, Rob, Robert and Lyne at Migration Angels for their assistance over the past 8 months. We appreciated your personal friendly service and your expert guidance along the way. You took away a lot of the stress and your instructions and help made the paperwork a lot easier to bear. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you at the permanent partner stage. We are delighted to recommend Migration Angels to our ANYONE looking for an immigration agencies that realy does deliver.

     by Lauren and Reece

    Kristy at Migration Angels has been absolutely amazing. Right from the start she has been reliable, thorough and made everything so easy for us. Having been determined to process my visa ourselves, we were never making any progress with it, trying to battle through all the jargon and work out what was actually relevant to us! Migration Angels were recommended to us by someone who had already used them, and just sang their praises. They have been superb value for money, and made my visa process fair less stressful, by breaking the whole thing down into bite size pieces. I have never waited more than 12 hours for a reply to any emails, and we even had a phone call to inform us of the visa grant, which was a lovely personal touch. I really honestly cannot recommend them enough!

     by Alicia Nicholl

    Kristy has been professional and extremely thorough every step of the way. Kristy has always replied promply and with detailed information. Kristy is very knowledgeable and guided us through each step of the process. The thoroughness of Kristy' s emails is what made Kristy appeal to us from the outset. I would have no hesitation recommending Kristy and Migration angels. Excellent service and very reasonable.