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    Migration Consultant LLC

    Migration Consultant

    As the world evolves, so does the concept of migration. No longer solely limited to corporate relocations, individuals and families now embark on life affirming migrations with generational impact. Our families are seeking opportunities for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and enhanced quality of life. This surge in global migration has led to an increasing demand for expert assistance.


    At Migration Consultant LLC, we take pride in being at the forefront of this transformative wave. For nearly a decade, our consultancy has been dedicated to helping multinational companies meet their business immigration and International Accommodation requirements with unparalleled precision and efficiency. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as the trusted go-to partner for corporations venturing into international markets.


    At Migration Consultant LLC, we concentrate our expertise on guiding clients through the immigration processes for Australia and Canada. Both countries are renowned for their rich opportunities, high living standards, and welcoming communities. Our team is well-versed in the specific regulations, criteria, and nuances of immigration to these destinations. Although the UK and the United States are popular migration targets for many, our specialized focus is on assisting those aiming to make Australia or Canada their new home, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     43 reviews
     by Amanda G
    Highly Recommend

    Alex was fantastic!His knowledge and experience meant he was able to explain things in full and preempt next steps. He remained committed to getting a positive result until the very end and stayed in constant contact which helped keep me motivated and focused.If I could give him 10 stars I would! I'd definitely recommend MigrationConsultant.com they are a great company that get the result you want quickly and efficiently!

     by Eloisa P
    a god send in this process

    It took me a year to decide if moving to Australia to work as a nurse was right for me. And when I finally decided it was, I did endless research to find a company that could get me there safely. And after months and months of research and doubt, I chose MigrationConsultant.com where I was able to utilize the knowledge and the patience of Alex.

    I have been fortunate enough to work alongside someone who listens to my endless concerns, day in, day out. Whenever I get concerns, worries or frustrated, I receive an email or phone call, usually within half an hour confirming all the reasons I chose to go to Australia and putting my mind at ease.

    It has been the longest, most expensive and most stressful 4 months of my life. And there are times when I feel like giving up is the only option. I thought I knew everything about migrating to Australia after months and months of research. But that did not even nearly prepare me for the roller coaster of emotions I was letting myself in for.

    I am ever grateful for the support I have received. And I could not have done it without the help and patience I have received”

    When I received the news and I read it on paper they’re quite possibly the most beautiful words I have ever seen written in my entire life!!!!!!

    I had a small cry. Thank you for everything. I literally can’t thank you enough.

    Thank you for your kind words, it's been a pleasure

     by M. Aziz
    The best I found

    I called a few other agencies before this, and many of them seemed like they simply could not be bothered to listen to, or talk to me, almost as if they thought I was beneath them. Migration Consultant was the exact opposite. Right from the start - before I even became a client! - they were super warm, professional, and informative. Never talked down to me, never made me feel like I was obligated to sign on with them. I had actually started off with a different agent and in fact paid them some money but I felt let down. I am so happy I went with Migration Consultant. Joanne is such a helpful, informative person who never talked down to me, and always responds quickly! She was incredibly fast in responding (especially when I was panicking!!!), pro-active, and always explained everything clearly. And on top of that, she was also warm and professional.I can't recommend Migration Consultant enough!!!! Thank you Thank you!:-) 🙂

    Thanks Maz, really appreciate those kind words.

     by Julie W
    Nice One

    Halfway through the process, documents certified and sent off. Happy with the way I've been treated so far and looking forward to getting to the next stage. I need to do a practical assessment so a bit worried about that but I just passed IELTS so today I am pretty happy!Well done to Alex who has been good at helping me along the way. Hoping that we can stay in touch even after I am in Oz.

     by Becky Hay
    Got my Visa thanks to Migration Consultant LLC

    Thank you MigrationConsultant.com for everything. Totally brilliant outcome and service. Couldn't have asked from more. No hiccups along the way just as was said during the initial consultation.

    Thanks Becky, it's been lovely working with someone so committed to the whole process.

     by Miriam J

    I am happy to write this review for MigrationConsultant.com as a whole but I do want special thanks to go to my Case manager Alex. Thank you for being a rock right through the process. To say that I'm delighted with my Visa is an understatement the girls have just had their final assembly in school and the whole class and teachers were really sad to see them go. It was so emotional and even they mentioned you in assembly without me even prompting! I think it was how much your name has been mentioned in our house over the past year. Everyone on the ward is dead jealous of me and the DH and as I always say to them, 'dreams don't just happen, you've got to really work hard to make them real'. With your help we did that!

    Thanks Miriam, it's been lovely working with you too

     by Susan J

    We're so excited we never thought it would come to this and so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we started we weren't even sure if we even wanted to move to Aus but none of us is getting any younger and we didn't want to lose out on the chance. Well, fast forward 12 months our house is on the market and as you know we're all of us just waiting now for that final email from Immigration to say that our 190 visa for Western Australia has been approved then its champagne and good bye times because I'm waiting to start my new role that was offered a few months back. This is life changing! The most ambitious and exciting thing we've ever done oh, and yes before I go on and on thank you to EVERYONE at Migration Consultant LLC especially the lovely Alex who worked so hard on my paperwork. We've already decided to take you out for a glass of Australian white when we're over! Thank you again! Only downside is the waiting for the visa which is down to the Australian Government.

    Looking forward to that already! Thanks :-)

     by Craig D
    Straightforward, no nonsense

    Good service, not the cheapest but not the most expensive. Paid up, sent documents, skills assessment turnaround pretty quick, visa granted. To be honest I never wanted want to use an agent but when I tried to do it it was too time consuming and complicated. No nonsense, does what it says on the tin. Would recommend.

     by Mike W
    Thank you for your help so far

    Thank you so much for all your professional help so far. You are very good at what you do. After discussing with my wife, we have decided to take no further action this year as we feel we need build a savings pot before we go any further.When we are ready to seriously discuss the move. You will be the first person we contact.

    Thanks Mike, we're here for when you need us.

     by Ben Allen
    Overall Good Experience

    Generally pleased with service. I can't fault that, all calls returned and questions answered. I got frustrated by the length of time it took and almost changed my mind about the whole thing but I now know what I didn't then and that it is a very complicated process!!! I do not say that lightly. Be prepared. Be fully prepared for an emotional ride. The guys and Lawrie were great to reassure me but I still felt frustrated I guess that's just me though. Lawrie was very patient 🙂 At the end of the day I had to realise that I couldnt make the whole thing speed up lol. Overall good and happy experience. Asked if I would recommend in future I would say yes, but be prepared you heard it here first.

     by Jon Tonkin

    It’s been a pleasure working with you. Recommended.

     by Ray C
    Definitely recommending Migration Consultant LLC

    Definitely recommending Migration Consultant LLC. My family and I decided to emigrate down under for a great opportunity and this firm were able to help us with our visas. I was recommended to MigrationConsultant.com where we experienced a truly excellent level of client care. I can honestly say that they were one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. They made a difficult process easy. Thank you so much for everything, we're off to Australia next month!

     by Jon, Cardiff
    Good but I Changed My Mind

    Decided not to go to Australia after all! MigrationConsultant.com were a good company I was with Steven mainly who was good and always quick to respond to emails. I got cold feet and we never finished the application. I wish we had but by the time we had decided to go for it again the age limit had reduced. Nothing we could do & we're gutted. Steve came up with some other options but they are just out of our league financially. One thing I will say is if you're considering emigrating to Australia get the ball rolling as soon as you've had your eligibility confirmed and I would highly recommend MigrationConsultant.com to do it for you.

     by Courtney D
    Premium Service & Premium Result

    One word. Insane! That has been THE most epic year of my life without exception. Let me put it this way, what you think you know about emigrating to Australia you really don't know until you start the process. I had no idea about the intricacies of process and the sheer amount of documents I would need. I genuinely thought I just had to sign up, maybe send my passport and some other stuff and it would just magically happen. I simply could not have been more wrong.I can genuinely say that if it wasn't for the team at Migration Consultant and their superior service levels I would be sat here another year having passed me by wondering if I would ever get to Oz. Now my dream has been made real by Alex from MigrationConsultant.com Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

     by Simone E
    Doing my Australian Visa application myself .... then changing my mind

    I had extensively researched the process of migrating to Australia as a nurse and thought I knew enough about the process and was planning to try and go through the application procedure myself. Then I spoke with Alex from MigrationConsultant.com Alex knew so much about the process for nurses emigrating to Australia, all the ins and outs and aspects no one else had mentioned and I had not known even after all my research. He explained the process in detail and covered elements well beyond any other the other companies I had spoken with. He covered how he would be assisting with the ANMAC process, specific documentation requirements, and even how to time my application to AHPRA for my licensing in Australia for exactly when I arrive so I could get going with work straight away. After just this one conversation I realised there was much more to the process and pitfalls to avoid than I had anticipated. I decided to have Alex handle my application and the process has progressed faster than I could have possibly managed myself. I'm glad I found Migration Consultant LLC when I did, as everything has gone so smoothly, I am now looking forward to Christmas in Australia as a permanent resident. I can't wait.

     by Tony E
    Secondary School Teacher now heading to Queensland

    Secondary School Teacher now heading to Queensland. Thank you for everything will be spreading the word to anyone emigrating to use Migration Consultant LLC Really pleased thank you

    QLD will be happy to have such an experienced Teacher

     by Roger H
    Our journey begins

    Thank you to Alex for working with us so closely these past few months. It's been great to know he is on hand because this process has taken us all by surprise. Do not be under any illusion as to what is required. What I thought I knew I realized I didn't know after everything had started. Add to this the stress of telling family and friends and them now always asking me. MigrationConsultant.com have been a God Send in this whole process and I'm very grateful to have their support as we embark on this life changing journey

     by Kathleen D
    Very Happy

    Very happy doesn't really do this justice. It actually sounds a bit underwhelming which is strange because I'm actually completely overwhelmed by emotion right now. I've had a little cry this evening as we received news that our Australian Permanent Residency Visas have been finally granted. I can't believe its actually happened. I've been dreaming of this moment for the last ten years and we only decided to get the ball rolling less than a year ago because I was worried that my occupation might drop off the list. I'm a Secondary School teacher and I saw what happened with other occupations that were once regarded as 'safe'. I can't thank Alex enough he was just a total rock for me throughout everything. I even had a bit of bad news at the halfway stage as my mother was diagnosed suddenly with cancer but luckily after some more tests it turned out to be a false diagnosis. It really put things into perspective for me. Life is too short and sometimes we have to simply follow our dreams and that's just what Alex did for me. He helped make my Australian dreams come true and it feels like he's given me a second start in life. I'm not going to waste this. I know I was very lucky to have MigrationConsultant.com on my side. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you for your kind words Kathy, I think you pressed the wrong star rating :-/

     by Janet P
    Do what they say

    I know we’ve been a pain so sorry about that I was just so nervous all the way through so a big thank you for talking the time to do my case so well and for all the emotional support along the way. Fingers crossed the caseworker is having a good day. I’m so happy to finally be here its what we’ve always wanted and i am a certified emotional wreck!

    Hi Janet, it can certainly be an emotional rollercoaster. People say that the most stressful things in life are moving move, getting divorced etc but Migrating to Australia is right up there!

     by Jon Jones
    Good Communication

    Great communication, kept me informed. the whole process feels like it takes ages but in reality it was about 13 months. Quite a stressful time really because as soon as we got the ball rolling we wanted to get there ASAP, but as we've found out since being here in Australia, sometimes things take time!

     by Anisa T
    Thank You

    From Day 1 when I first contacted Alexander King through MigrationConsultant.com about applying for a Skilled 189 visa for Australia, he was so helpful and always had time for questions and to reply to emails if I was ever unsure on certain documents, photos etc I required. Soon as the paperwork side of the the visa was complete he was quick to get me to book my practical exam so we could speed up the process. Thats me on my way to Aus after passing my IELTS test so just waiting for the 189 permanent visa to come through now. Highly recommend!! Thanks

     by Craig A
    Amazing Job

    can honestly say that I had the best customer experience using migrationconsultant.com even though my original consultant left during the process which was a bit unsettling. The whole team and especially Alex really supported me and I felt like they couldn't have done anything more.I was really nervous about the process and had done tons of research but believe me, what you think you know at the start of the process you haven't even begun to realise how much information and hard work goes into each and every application.I am happy, but more than that the wife and kids are even happier. 190 Visa Granted and that means I am now a Permanent Resident of Australia!!!Awesome job guys!

    Thanks Craig, much appreciated

     by Melissa G
    Amazing From Start to Finish

    All I can say is that I recommend the service of Migration Consultant LLC to anyone going through the process. They were there for me when they needed me. Great job and Thank you

     by Mandy R
    Alex was lovely

    Alex was great, really took the time to help us even though we kept having lots of questions he was very efficient and very patient with us. Our visas were granted in September and we're emigrating to Australia by the end of this year just in time for the kids to start their new school in Brisbane.So looking forward to starting our new lives.

     by Sarah H
    Finally Got My Dream

    This time last year we were sat here dreaming and talking again about our move to Australia. We had been dreaming of this move for ages. Sometimes we would talk about it and plan it on paper and then forget about it after a while and then it would come back as a thought; Maybe we would watch a rerun TV programme on life in Australia like 'Wanted Down Under', often we would hear from friends who live in Australia or maybe even have just had a truly bad day.Whatever the reason it was clear that after 10 years of marriage and building a life together in the UK we weren't getting anywhere with our plans and life was just beginning to stagnate. We could see ourselves in 30 years with Grandchildren being born in the UK bitterly regretting not having seized the day and made the move to Australia.We had spent the past decade changing our occupations just so that we could emigrate.

    I am an A&E; Nurse and the DH retrained to become an Electrician.One night we filled out an online assessment with Migration Consultant LLC and the rest is history. After a thoroughly impressive Consultation we decided to engage their services. They were not the cheapest but they are in my opinion worth every single penny and then some! They arranged everything for us and even seemed to magic away a couple of issue that cropped up. The whole thing was seamless from start to finish and I definitely rate this as one of my top client service experiences of all time.Moving to Australia is what dreams are made of and MigrationConsultant.com made those dreams come true.

    Thank you for your kind words Sarah, we've enjoyed working with you!

     by Brian Wilson
    Manchester (but not for much longer)

    I applied with my wife and 3 kids to move to Australia. As I am soon to reach the big 4 0 , some of the businesses I worked for in my early 20's are no longer around. MigrationConsultant.com handled all this for me, leading me through all the statements and certifying and affidavits to cover this. I would never have got through it all if it was up to me, but with Alex handling it, it was pretty easy. We got our visas late last year and will be moving shortly. Planning to live just north of Sydney where my wife's sister lives. Every raining cold day here now seems so much easier to handle knowing we will soon be in the sunshine for the rest of our lives.

     by Thomas W
    Professional Team

    I was planning to head to Australia on a working holiday visa, but after speaking to Alex at MigrationConsultant.com he explained to me that due to my trade (electrician) and my experience, that I could apply to be a permanent resident in Australia and live there, or come and go and work there whenever I liked, forever. I listened to him explain what would be possible under permanent residency and why Australia wanted people like me living there. It sounded quite amazing really. He explained that it would take longer to set it up - but it made so much sense. I could see myself being able to get a job there and work and then still be able to come back home if I wanted or needed for my parents and then just go back again with no visa or work hassles. I signed up, got it done - took about 10 months to get it all sorted and now I am in Australia and working as a fully qualified Electrician here.

    I plan on heading back to England for 4 months later this year then I get back over here to the sunshine. I'm earning more in Australia than I was in the UK and MUCH more than I would be on a working holiday. I would never have considered this if Alex had not explained it and for not much more time or cost I'm set up to be able to work, live or holiday in Australia forever ! Best decision I made.

     by Jennifer K
    Outstanding Service

    Outstanding service from start to finish Alex was very professional and kept me appraised through the whole process. He reassured me at all times and explained the process clearly. I couldn't be more grateful and would definitely recommend Migration Consultant LLC to anyone considering emigrating to Australia in the future.

     by Dan James
    Thanks a Zillion

    Thank you to Migration Consultant LLC and Alexander in particular for all his hard work and dedication spent on my case over the past two years. We leave for Queensland in September.

     by Dennis Y
    Quick, Easy and Cost Effective

    Having spoken with many migration agents I filled out a free visa assessment with MigrationConsultant.com It took a little while for them to contact me in the very first instance but when they did I felt instantly reassured and safe in their hands. They took the time to explain the process in great detail along with all costs and charges that come not just from agents fees but will Government fees and all other third party costs like skills assessment, medicals and such like. Total fees soon mount up and its not a cheap process by any stretch of the imagination and I was really happy that Migration Consultant LLC didn't hide any of these from me, or make it out to be a cheap or quick process. There's a lot of ups and downs along the way to getting a permanent visa and it felt to good to have them fighting my corner every step of the way.

    Thanks Dennis

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