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    Migration Guru

    Migration Guru Reviews

    Migration Guru Pty Ltd has been helping people from around the world since 2004 to migrate to Australia. We employ numerous migration agents, case officers & client service officers to ensure that all clients receive good quality service and advice.

    The prices charged are fixed and do not vary from case to case, thus giving clients peace of mind. Our costs are totally transparent and reasonable and there are no hidden cost.

    The advise you will receive from us is totally honest, and upfront. We do not guarantee any outcomes, however due to our extensive experience, in depth knowledge, refined processes and in house quality control we have always had an exceptionally high success rate with our applications. On an average we lodge 1000 visa application each year.

    We specialise in ENS, RSMS, 457, GSM, Spouse, Subsequent Entrant, MRT Appeals, DIAC Appeals, Ministerial Interventions & Student Visas.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     4 reviews
     by Ashish

    Having used their services for many years, initially for my own visa, then my brothers and finally my wife's visa, I can say that the staff is extremely helpful, and go out of their way to help you out. The company thinks through each and every aspect while preparing and lodging any visa application and will see you through your ups and downs. Most of all Migration Guru thinks of you as a person, not a number, no doubt I am still in touch with them after my applications have been successfully finalised.

    Thanks to Migration Guru that our family is enjoying the benefits of living in Australia. They contributed to the biggest positive change in our lifestyle in the recent years.

     by Gerald

    I'm so grateful to the staff at Migration Guru for handling all of my visa needs. They're staff is friendly and professional and submitted our paperwork "decision-ready" which help to speed our processing time. They're service was excellent and couldn't recommend a better migration organisation.

     by Whisper

    If you are looking for the best migration agent in Australia look no further!

    Choosing the right agent is critical in assuring the best outcomes possible for your visa application and from the first day I made an appointment to come in (which they offered me same day service) Migration Guru provided friendly and professional service. I applied for a 457 visa for me and my family and the entire process was quick and efficient. Ask for Irfan – he is the best and was extremely professional!

    Top 3 reasons to choose Migration Guru:

    1. Availability & Timely Feedback

    The full life-cycle of their customer service is amazing!. Every time I spoke with the staff they were polite, responsive and encouraging. Walk-ins were welcome and they were always available.

    2. Industry Knowledge & Professionalism

    Their staff have an immense knowledge on many industries which is critical in assuring my paperwork was done correctly and to my best advantage. They were always dressed professionally and treated me with respect and fairness.

    3. Value for the Money

    My visa approval had a quick turn around and I believe this is due to their ensuring my paperwork was accurate, complete and decision-ready – I’ve read on forums that many agents don’t take the time to ensure the application are decision-ready which can greatly delay your application process. When considering the fees and what I gained Migration Guru provides the biggest bang for your buck!

    I highly recommend Irfan, Ranjita and all those at Migration Guru! Me and my family can’t thank you enough!

     by Pramodh Menon

    I have recommended many of my friends to Migration Guru and all have pointed one important thing; "They were willing to listen." Working in Education Sector previously as well, I have seen many students (International) who have gone through this agency and have achieved their desired outcome.

    I personally have seeked advice and options on my Permanent Residency with them. I have nothing but positive reviews for them and I believe some of my friends will attest to this as well.