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    My Australian Visa

    My Australian Visa

    Australian Immigration Laws are very confusing and frequently changing. If want your visa application to be successful, it’s imperative that you understand the latest Australian visa regulations and diligently meet the often complicated, specific migration requirements for your visa subclass.

    There’s no doubt: Lodging a visa application can be a major, time and money consuming challenge for you and your family profoundly influencing your future life.

    Over the years My Australian Visa has helped thousands of people from all corners of the globe to successfully conquer their quest to migrate to Australia saving them time and money while easing their visa application process.

    The team at My Australian Visa are dedicated and qualified Migration Agents who will quickly help you to assess your visa eligibility, and -if you are eligible – personally deal with all aspects of your visa application.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     3 reviews
     by kumala Indah

    My partner and I contacted MY AUSTRALIAN VISA.COM after much deliberation on the use of an agent and arranged a face to face consultation with Andre.

    Andre was very professional and very honest. He assessed our case and provided us with its strengths and weaknesses and suggested the appropriate visa class for us to apply for. After this initial consultation both my partner and I felt very comfortable with Andre and decided to engage Andre to assist us through the application and submission process. Andre provided us with a list of documents that he required and met with us again once we had collated the documents. Andre prepared a very good submission to DIAC that outlined our position as well as how our application applies to each of the appropriate requirements. Andre remained in constant contact and answered the many questions that we had throughout the processing period.

    One of the greatest assets was the ability to have a buffer between us and the case officer, enabling Andre to manage our patience and anxious questions. We don’t believe that we would have been so successful (especially within the timeframe) if it had nor been for Andre, his patience and skills.

    From the both of us Andre, thank you so much for your attention and your efforts. We are both ecstatic and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

     by Marc Hussmann

    We are Felicity, Marc and Anna-Lena, a young German family. We came to Australia originally on a 457 sponsorship visa, which we, at the time, had organised ourselves. Having been here for a while, we wanted to change our visa status to permanent residency. So, to save us the hassle and make it all a bit easier, we asked around if anyone had experience with a good Migration Agent in Melbourne, and we got two recommendations: one of them was Andre and his team at My Australian Visa.com. We had an initial chat with both agents, and after that, we decided to put our fate in Andre's hands. That was one of the best decisions we've ever taken: Andre knew exactly what to do, had the application through in next to no time, and he was always there to assist us and to answer our many queries in-between. In the end, he put it all together and added a very well written report, which I think was fantastic value, as it would have helped the Department assessing our application straight away and favorably. Andre submitted all our documents on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the very next day, we got a letter confirming we were now Permanent Residents of Australia, - just for comparison, when we rang the department of immigration much earlier, to find out how long the process might take, the answer was probably 6 to 12 months!

    So, all in all, very good value, fantastic service and very professional - and, on top of that, Andre is a really nice guy which makes it quite enjoyable to deal with him. Thank you so much for your help with our Visa application, Andre! Now all that's left to do for us is hope that Felicity's new Australian business at www.ring-a-rosie.com.au will take off well, and Marc can keep producing beautiful architecture with www.paulgardiner.com.au.

     by Allen Pineda

    Thanks for handling my application perfectly through all the ups and downs, skills assessments, Migration law changes, the application forms, coordination with my sponsors and other important matters.

    I know that I made the right decision from day one that I availed of your services.

    Again thanks!!! Hope to see you in OZ soon!!!

    Forever grateful,

    Allen and Family