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    National Visas

    National Visas Reviews

    The team at National Visas understands that the visa application process is not always a smooth and simple process. Our Registered Migration Agents unique experience and skills set means that they are able to provide our clients with a simple, caring and ultimately successful approach to gaining a visa.

    At National Visas, we have friendly and professional Registered Migration Agents, who will provide you with all the assistance you need in making a visa application. Our staff will make you feel comfortable from your first contact with us, through to the final result – gaining your VISA!

    We provide a superior service to our clients because we understand how important this decision is in your life. Unlike other Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers, we are small enough to care and pay attention to detail, but still able to offer cost effective and specialised advice.

    Using National Visas can:

    • Save you time and money;
    • Simplify the process and reduce the work that you have to do:
    • Ensure that your visa application is accurate and meets all Government laws:
    • Ensure that you are kept informed about the status of your application at all times.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     3 reviews
     by Peter Passant

    We were seeking to bring my partner from the UK to Australia. I am a fully employed Australian citizen who is approaching retirement age. My partner is an unemployed lady who was seeking to come to Australia to be with me. Given our ages, and the fact that her chances of finding employment were negligible, we anticipated problems in dealing with immigration. We seemed to spend an eternity gathering information and were forever seeking the services of a JP to witness documents. We were beginning to experience frustration. However, looking back, the visa application would not have been successful had we not had the professional assistance of National Visas, and in particular Simon Delmo. He took the time and trouble to explain what was happening, why the documentation was required and guided us through how to prepare supporting information. I would have no hesitation in recommending National Visas to anyone seeking an Australian Visa.

     by Elizabeth Shoemaker

    I used National Visa to process a temporary student visa for a Japanese family into Australia. My National Visa agent was Esther, who was extremely helpful in explaining the process and helping me gather keys pieces of information. The whole process only took about a month, which was 2 weeks for me gathering information, Esther compiling it into a tight package, and 2 weeks for the Austrian Immigration to process and approve the family's visa. I highly recommend this agent and using National Visa to process your Australian Visa Application, since I would have been lost without them.

     by Andrey and Elena

    Thank you SO MUCH for providing great service all the way through our visa process!!!

    Your contributions and services were very professional and above what we expected. We will definitely recommend National Visas to our relatives!!! We are delighted that Australian Government has granted the permanent visa to us.

    Again - thank you so much for all you have done!!!