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    NTRUST (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    NTRUST (Singapore) Pte Ltd Reviews

    If you would like to work, study, live or migrate to Australia, contact NTRUST for a reasonably priced, efficient, professional and competent migration services. NTRUST offers Australia visa solutions and has an enviable track record of successful permanent residency (PR) applications.

    Conveniently located just outside of Singapore’s Central Business District, NTRUST (Singapore) Pte Ltd is your single most important partner in the Australia immigration process. The benefits of using NTRUST are:

    1. Experienced Singapore based (one-point) local administration contact.

    2. SE Asia’s leading Australian Immigration Services Provider with multiple registered migration agents & Australian legal practitioners, each with specialist experience in the various skills assessment criteria and visa programme.

    3. Competent, professional and well-trained team offering full administrative and documentation assistance.

    4. Assistance with English Language test preparation (free assessments, materials and examination/preparation strategy).

    5. Onshore settlement services – legal, tax, property, education, housing, job placement ensuring a smooth relocation process for your whole family!

    6. An enviable track record of successful, happy applicants in Australia!

    Australia is the smallest continent yet the world’s largest island. With a land size approximately equal to Europe, it has a population of just over 22 million. Immigration is an important back-bone supporting Australia’s economy and the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) is constantly planning, reviewing migration legislation to ensure that the needs of Australia are being met.

    Applying for an Australia visa is the most complex legal process where a successful outcome depends on one’s legal eligibility and the manner in which the case is presented and advocated. Therefore, to answer to the question “what should I apply for and when should I start” , one should always apply for what you qualify, when you qualify!

    Australia immigration with NTRUST

    NTRUST provides complete visa application representation & assistance. Starting from the ACCESS/English Test Preparation, assistance with migration skills assessment, job reference letter, report templates, legal submissions to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, all the way until the character and health clearance criteria until visa grant.

    With a courteous and helpful staff, NTRUST guarantees a hassle free and smooth Australia migration process. With 99.8% success rate in securing an Australia visa, NTRUST is your consultant of choice for Australia immigration and visa solutions.

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    Previous Clients of NTRUST (Singapore) Pte Ltd Say
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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     3 reviews
     by Lai

    After doing some research, we found out that NTRUST has a solid reputation among many other agencies offering migration services here in Singapore. Also, NTRUST's consultants are registered with MARA, which gave us the confidence of 'no fraud'.

    Thus, we contacted NTRUST for the initial assessment to understand our chances of success. NTRUST's consultants have the right skills, years of professional experience and wealth of knowledge required in managing applications with various backgrounds.

    Definitely, we would recommend NTRUST services to anyone who is interested in successfully achieving Australian Permanent Residence.

     by Martin

    NTRUST helped me obtain my visa within 6 months. I, together with my family are now in Australia as PRs. Now my kids' future looks brighter. I highly recommend this agency, very professional.

     by jenny rose pajel


    I am jenny planning to work in Australia..I have already employer there and suggest me to ask help and advice what should i do to process my visa and all the papers needed..please me how should i do..hope i get feedback from you...

    thank you NTRUST