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    Skill Shortage Solutions

    Skill Shortage Solutions Reviews

    Australia has been a destination of choice for Overseas Workers for decades, with its low unemployment rates, sun drenched beaches and fantastic lifestyle it’s no wonder why so many people want to live there. But in times like today the choice may become a necessity, with more and more skilled Irish and UK professionals looking to make the move down under due to unemployment and lack of work opportunities in their country of origin.

    Skill Shortage Solutions offers a wide range of services to Australian employers seeking to attract and recruit Irish & UK Skilled professionals. We have a wide variety of clients across a broad spectrum of industries in Australia. Our clients range from small, medium and large Australian organizations interested in employing Irish & UK skilled professionals.

    For Irish & UK Citizens seeking a new life down under we offer end to end migration and relocation services including, Australian Jobs, Visas, Skills Recognition, Registration, Licensing and so much more…

    Our Director has spent almost 10 years Down Under, working as an Overseas Recruitment Specialist for two of the largest recruitment companies in Australia. He has returned to Ireland and brings with him a vast array of Australian Employers who are interested in employing Overseas Skilled Workers.

    We have strong Australian ties and the hands on in depth, Australian recruitment, migration and relocation experience necessary to get the job done.

    We also have a highly experienced Australian Registered Migration Agent, (Registered Migration Agent Number: 0318325) on hand to assist with skilled migration and sponsorship visa applications.

    Skill Shortage Solutions is a fully licensed recruitment company based in Cork, Ireland, (Recruitment License Number: EA 3465) we specialize in successfully placing Irish & UK skilled professionals into long term employment in Australia and we are proud to say: “We will never ever charge a Job Seeker a fee for securing them employment”

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