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    Sydney Migration

    Sydney Migration Reviews

    Sydney Migration Consultancy Pty Ltd are specialists in all facets of temporary and permanent residence visa applications on and offshore for Australia in accordance with Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Migration law and regulations.

    Ms Barbara Maher Principle of Sydney Migration Consultancy is a Migration Consultant, LLB, (Bachelor of Law) MMIA, Justice of the Peace, Dip Welf, Migration Agents Registration # 9358090 and has been practising in migration law for ten years. In March 2000 we set up Sydney Migration Consultancy to specialise in skilled temporary and permanent visa applications.

    Sydney Migration Consultancy is a boutique practise assisting permanent independent skilled visa applicants and temporary business visa applications for employers and employees. Many of the temporary visa applicants make a decision to apply for Independent Skilled residence whilst holding a temporary visa to live and work in Australia.

    Sydney Migration Consultancy staff are all professionals thus ensuring all contact is handled by the professional that you have spoken with in regards to your application and your future in Australia.

    Sydney Migration Consultancy offer a free confidential initial consultation by telephone, email, or by appointment in our office in regard to opportunities for persons in and outside Australia to lodge quality applications.

    Many of our clients live outside Australia and these persons have decided to secure the services of an Australian Registered Migration Agent advising in Australian law for migration purposes. As a registered migration consultant, the authority, MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) ensure all practising migration agents attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programs and that each consultant must renew their registration annually to ensure the high standards of correct advice in regards to Australian Migration law.

    Sydney Migration look forward to assisting in your enquiries by email, telephone or appointment.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
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     1 reviews
     by Adam Milbank

    Barbara from “Sydney Migration Consultancy” has been assisting me to obtain my Permanent Residency Visa, I current have a 457 visa. Barbara presented me with a clear direction to obtain my PR visa and has assisted me throughout the visa process and through all my visa questions and concerns.

    I am more than happy to recommend Barbara to anyone who is thinking of moving to Australia or wishes to change their visa.