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    TSS Reviews

    Choosing the correct representation can be vital to the success of your Australian visa application. Deciding who you are going to entrust with this responsibility can be difficult. We at TSS Immigration understand this and we don’t take the responsibility you bestow on us lightly.

    We will be committed to your successful visa outcome. All of our resources will be utilized to achieve your required visa outcome; we are committed to the success of your application.

    We suggest you follow a few guidelines when choosing representation.

    Firstly check that who you are speaking with is an authorized Registered Migration Agent. You can do this by checking that the agent is a registered migration agent, go to The Migration Agents Registration Authority – Office of the MARA at www.mara.gov.au and check that the agent is registered to practice.

    Registered Migration Agents are bound by a strict Code of Conduct, All Registered Migration Agents are required to have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and practice, as well as meeting high professional and ethical standards.

    You can also check that the agent is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia – MIA http://mia.org.au/

    Michael Walker – Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN) 0006651 heads the team of migration agents at TSS Immigration, Michael’s experience in providing professional Australian Immigration advice spans over 10 years in the industry. Michael is the Victorian / Tasmanian President of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and is on the National Board of the MIA see http://mia.org.au

    Always ask the agent you are speaking to about their experience within the particular visa class you are applying for, do not to leave anything about your application to chance.

    Another piece of information that can help you understand how many years an agent has been registered is by checking their MARN number. The first two digits of every MARN number relate to the year in which the agent was first registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). As an example Michael Walkers MARN number is 0006651, showing that he was registered in 2000. If a MARN number starts with 02, this would mean 2002, 08 would mean 2008.

    Verified by MigrationAgentReviews.com

    Our research team verified that the name, location, contact information and license to operate for TSS are valid and up-to-date. MigrationAgentReviews.com has verified the information on this page to be accurate.

    MigrationAgentReviews.com is an independent, third-party Migration Agent resource. Verification does not imply endorsement and does not guarantee the quality of Migration Services.

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    Migration Agent Reviews
    Average rating:  
     7 reviews
     by Anthony M. Alonzo

    I am very thankful and grateful to TSS Family especially Tammie Kerehoma and Michael for their dedication,passion, sincerity and professionalism in providing me all the help I needed with my 457 visa, personal needs, questions and inquiries to adapt and and tio settle here in my new home Australia. They say if you want to dream, you should dream BIG! For years I am dreaming of working and living in Australia...it came true and with the help and guidance of TSS!

    Tammie thank you so much, I always feel I am a family member in every ways when I am talking with you with your sincerity and concerns. I hope you could also help me reunited with my girlfriend here in Australia and never again be separated with each other and start building our dreams.

    I strongly recommend TSS to everyone for they are a family and for the family!

    Again, Tammie and TSS Salamat!

     by Adam Williams

    I have recently used the services of TSS to help with finding me a job and the 457 visa application process.

    My contact throughout this process has been Tammie Kerehoma, who I found to be very friendly, re-assuring, helpful and dedicated. From my initial email enquiring about potential employment, right through to welcoming me to Australia, I have been impressed with how professional yet easy going Tammie has been.

    Bearing in mind we operate on an 11 hour time difference, Tammie has been available to answer questions at times that are beyond her remit in order to accommodate me, this I found to be really helpful. Whatever the question I have asked Tammie has taken the time to get me an answer and to ensure that I have been kept informed of the progress of my application throughout.

    I would highly recommend the services of TSS when applying for a visa to Australia. What could have been a very long drawn out and stressful process was certainly made easier and quicker by Tammie and TSS. Thanks for all your help.

    TSS and Tammie advised me throughout the process of the documentation that I would require and acted as liaison between myself and the company that I am now employed by.

    I would advise any other candidates from the UK that wish to find employment in the hospitality trade in Australia, to contact TSS for their help, you won't regret it.


     by Bryan Egdani

    Tss service is truly reliable by helping for 457 visa application and providing a job here in Australia. I am very thankful for the service I receive from Tss by Ms. Tammie Kerehoma who had been so kind and very friendly.

    I highly recommend Tss service for visa application.

    Many Thanks,


     by Aidhul Latjeno

    Thank you TSS immigration, especially Ms. Tammie Karehoma, very helpfull, friendly, and fast respond to your question. If you really want to move to Australia then you can choose TSS. Professional service, quick and efficient. I believe it really worth it. Thank you again.

     by Chandraduth

    I used the TSS migration service a year ago and reused the service again 2 months ago to apply for my wife's visa. The service was outstanding both time, thank you Richard for responding to my online enquiry, followed by Tammie for arranging my job interview and Lauren for the professional migration service for both application and thank you to Van as well. We would highly recommend TSS migration to anyone. A big thank you to the team and keep up the great job.

     by kiran deep

    hi my name is kirandeep and i am a baker.i i've got my 457 visa today. from the day one to the day i've got my visa they handle my case very professionally. they make the whole process very easier with their professional experience and advice. TSS guided me through the whole process from very small inquiries to gather the all major documents. They always answer and explains me about my questions. its very easy to get in touch with your case manager and they always update you regarding your case. its worth every penny you spend on professional service. They will take care of everything you need to do to make your application successful. my special thanks to Mr will aldous he is my case officer and he explain every small thing.


    Kiran deep

     by Tina Doumas

    Firstly thank you TSS Immigration for your assistance with my husbands successful Visa grant! My friend recommended your agency, because you provided her with professional service and exceptional knowledge in the immigration field. We also had that experience, and feel that while you were a little more pricy, it was worth it for something as important as keeping my love here by my side. Thanks again!!