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    Visa First Australia

    Visa First Australia Reviews

    Visa First provides global visa and travel support services to more than 30,000 people working and travelling in over 100 countries every year.

    We organise working holiday visas, business visas, skilled migration visas talent & performance visas and tourist visas. Our specialised travel support services mean you’ll get off to the best start possible wherever you’re going because we organise everything you need before you leave home including bank accounts, tax numbers, arrival packages, SIM cards, jobs advice and much more.

    Whether you’re heading off fulfil your dreams of backpacking adventures abroad; travelling for business purposes; performing in a concert/gig overseas; or if you and your family are migrating to a foreign country permanently; we make getting the visa you need fast and stress-free.

    Visas applications are complicated and can be very overwhelming to many people. As visa and migration specialists with over 10 years experience in the industry Visa First ensures every detail of your application is lodged in the correct and proper format with the appropriate embassy.

    Why choose Visa First?

    • More than 30,000 people use us each year to organise their visas – we know what we’re doing!
    • We’re the only company with an online visa status engine which allows you to check the status of your visa 24/7 online.
    • We have more than 10 years experience in visa processing and strong relationships with embassies.
    • We answer your queries immediately through our online live chat service.
    • Our multi-lingual team can book your visa over the phone in just minutes*
    • We don’t just do visas – we organise everything you need to get off to a great new start abroad – bank accounts, tax numbers, SIM cards, job advice and more!
    • Many multi-national companies have outsourced this admin. function to us. If your staff have to travel internationally, your HR department can save time and money by delegating this work to us.
    • Bands, musicians and agents have been using us to get their industry specific Visas for many years now. We make sure that we get the right VISA to suit your travel arrangements.

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